To a layman, embroidery means pricking needles in fabric to fabricate a design, but for us embroidery is the fine art of infusing soul in a lifeless piece of cloth. Introducing to you Mani Bhatia's collection which is a union of sophistication and comfort infused with aesthetics and calming shades.

Colour is the power which directly influences the soul, we at Mani Bhatia make sure to permeate life in our traditional designs with modern looks through opposing colours. Before zeroing on the final design, our designer Mani Bhatia, goes through hundreds of attempts to choose the best that matches well with our tagline – traditional designs with modern looks.

Whether it’s a Saree or dress, we select not only the fabric but the colour & the embroidery design
very meticulously. All these fresh designs are meant for delicate yet strong darlings, who want to wear sophisticated and stylish apparel which is comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Don't wait any longer, flaunt your curves in this elegantly carved attire by Mani Bhatia